Annabel Wright has worked as an illustrator for over thirty years from her tenement home in Glasgow.

Her work has been employed on postage stamps, wine labels and pyjamas, and by such clients as Financial Times, Penguin Books and The New Yorker. For a while she had a parallel life as a member of influential Glasgow band The Pastels and her involvement with the music scene is evident. Her record sleeves for The Pastels, Teenage Fanclub and Sleater-Kinney sit alongside work for local community projects and climate activism.

A love of drawing is at the core of Annabel’s approach, in particular recording what she sees in front of her. Using sketches from life or reference material she draws and redraws her subjects in order to understand their visual potential. She begins working on paper and chooses materials that best communicate the tone. She likes to explore the full range of her skills and look at the brief from all angles. Working closely with the client, ideas progress through stages of roughs.

A lot of work can be made in a short intense burst resulting in many iterations which if necessary can be combined to provide the final artwork. The clarity of the finished piece belies the complex editing process behind it.

People are at the heart of Annabel’s work and she is truly in her stride when expressing human emotions.

Clients appreciate Annabel’s flexible approach, her attention to detail, her ability to create a convincing sense of place, her sensitivity when dealing with difficult topics and the freshness and energy that come with a sense of discovery.

Thanks to the following for generously contributing ideas and practical help to some of the projects: Sapna Agarwal, Leda Bartolucci, babs nicgriogair, Helen McCrorie, Meilo So, Mil Stricevic, The Pastels, Tom Crossley, Robin Crossley. Thanks to Lindsay Finnie and friends for SYCS photo; and to pupils at Hillhead Primary.