Selected client list:

The New Yorker, the Financial Times, the Guardian, Le Monde, The Economist, Nature magazine, Pakn Treger, Therapy Today

Penguin Books, Vintage Classics, Picador, Walker Books, Oxford University Press

Marks & Spencer, Royal Mail, Amnesty International, Weiden and Kennedy/School of Visual Arts (New York), UK Government (1999) Department For International Development, Nigel Kennedy/EMI, Woodlands Community Garden, The Pastels, Teenage Fanclub, Sleater-Kinney

On working with Annabel:

I’m thrilled by your illustration. It amplifies and deepens the feelings I was trying to describe, as well as bringing something new, alive to the piece. It’s terrific.

Stephen Grosz, psychoanalyst and writer, author of The Examined Life

I was blown away by the beauty of your images (for The Whale Who Saved Us) and at how closely they matched the scenes that had played in my imagination as I wrote the book. Thank you so much for this wonderful wonderful artwork… I have to say I think your pictures of Suki, Jaiku and their community and environment are truly exceptional.

Nicola Davies, children’s author

…all the work you’ve done for the FT and even Le Monde is so heartfelt. They’re the perfect illustration commissions as they do so much more than a photo could do and so much more than any illustrator I can think of… You know I get excited every time I see a new piece of yours.

Helen Osborne, agent at Heart Agency

Just wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful and sensitive way in which you illustrated ‘Brotherhood’.

Hisham Matar, writer 

This is absolutely stunning! We feel so privileged to have had you as our ‘Number 1’  illustrator for the English File series. You have always exceeded our expectations and delighted us with your work. Many teachers around the world have singled out your pieces as being art rather than TEFL artwork. 

Clive Oxenden, author, teacher of English as a foreign language (Oxford University Press)